I work with the worriers, the perfectionists and those struggling to navigate their new normal.


Life can be very challenging and messy. Sometimes we find we are in a place where we are working too hard, just churning away at life.  We get burnt out and exhausted. We can strive and strive to have everything be perfect but yet it never is, there is always just more to do, more to fix and more to perfect.

Sometimes we might find ourselves at a crossroads. We might be facing some fear of starting something new, or trying to handle the stress of having to find our way in a different situation than before, like having a new baby or graduating from college. While there might be some excitement to the transition, finding our new way of being, figuring out a new role, and our new normal, can be very stressful.

There is hope…

Teaching people how to relax, love themselves, and how to handle their fears is the core of my work. I teach people to realize that they are already enough, just as they are. They don’t have to do or be anything other than themselves.

I believe all of us have the power to grow and heal, learning from the messy so that we can enjoy life, making the beautiful, that much more joyous, because there really is a lot of joy and beauty out there.